KISS Barcelona: A growing commitment to sustainability

KISS Barcelona: A growing commitment to sustainability

For the seventh year in a row, the Green Meeting Point platform of the Circuit will be promoting KISS Barcelona, joining the programme known as KISS (Keep It Shiny and Sustainable) by FIM Ride Green.


The commitment to sustainability of CirCuitCat 3C “Consciousness, Commitment and Coherence” will be playing a leading role again this year during the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP™. For the seventh year in a row, the Green Meeting Point platform of the Circuit will be promoting KISS Barcelona, joining the programme known as KISS (Keep It Shiny and Sustainable) by FIM Ride Green, organising a series of activities to raise awareness among the attending public about the care and respect of the environment, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2030 of the UN, and with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint and promoting Zero Waste by means of Circular Economy initiatives.

As every year, on Saturday and Sunday, from 10h to 14h, the KISS Barcelona stand, located next to the former heliport, and behind Grandstand G, will be in charge of raising awareness among the public. All spectators coming to the stand will receive a cloth created by circular economy for their motorbike. This cloth is sponsored by Sirsa with the collaboration of Arpe, as a result of the recovery of towels from fitness centres. By filling-out a short questionnaire, visitors will also be able to learn whether they act in a sustainable way in their daily life or not, and if they do not, decide to commit to it from now on. On Sunday morning, the area will be entertained by the performance of the Colla de Castellers del Prat and their human towers (10.30h). They are going to build the KISS Barcelona tower and show the FIM Ride Green flag.

All catering points at the Circuit will give away reusable cups and be fitted with posters of the Stop Food Waste! campaign, to raise awareness among the public, about the need to stop wasting food. Once again all food excess generated during the Grand Prix will be donated to the social entity El Xiprer in Granollers. The donated food will be food that has neither been cooked nor consumed during the three most crowded days at the Circuit.

As regards the reduction of CO2 emissions, there will be a wide range of offers. Public transport, such as the train, will offer a special schedule by Renfe, with more than 22,000 additional seats; while the Sagalés bus company will include 40% of hybrid vehicles in their fleet of buses. At individual level, the electric car is another alternative available to drivers in order to reduce emissions, and therefore, the Circuit will make available different recharging points for these vehicles. There will be two for TESLA vehicles and one universal point. All those coming out on their private vehicle will be encouraged to optimise the trip by sharing the vehicle.

In order to avoid long food transports and to control the CO2 emissions, Km0 gastronomy will also be encouraged. 0Km cooking will be promoted throughout the weekend in the GP Village, and they will use biodegradable cutlery, plates and cups to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Moreover, all of the electricity used during the Grand Prix will be renewable.

Children will have their special place within the KISS Barcelona 2019 framework as well. Raising awareness among the youngest is key for a future responsible and environment-friendly behaviour. In the Family Village (behind the Main Grandstand) there will be creative workshops for children, focussed on biodiversity.

The Catalan track will also promote a photography contest in social media, encouraging fans to link the Catalan Grand Prix with biodiversity, using the hashtag #KISSBarcelona in Twitter and Instagram, or uploading a picture on the Circuit’s Facebook wall. The winner will receive two paddock passes for the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP™ 2020.

As the closing event of KISS Barcelona, Marc Márquez, rider and FIM Ride Green environmental ambassador, will be in charge of inaugurating the Crater Forest, a green space in the Circuit managed in a sustainable way thanks to the collaboration of Social Forest. This management has been funded in a circular way with the circular economy action of the reusable cup at the Circuit. Before the event, ten pupils from a school in Parets del Vallès, winners of the KISS Barcelona contest organised by the FIM, will take part in a workshop and built nest boxes for insects led by Joachim Englert, founder of Social Forest. The children are going to build a hotel for insects and nest boxes with materials coming from the trimming of the Circuit’s Crater Forest. The ant called Marc Márquez will be the first guest of the insects’ hotel and will be accommodated in the Main Suite. This event will take place on Monday afternoon, within the framework of the post-Grand Prix tests.

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